JLMS Community Profile

Community Builder and JomSocial components for Joomla! CMS can be integrated with JoomlaLMS so that users could view and manage their JoomlaLMS tools in their CB or JomSocial profile. The user profile can be extended with a set of JoomlaLMS plugins.

We will take integration with CB as an example but for integration with JomSocial the same steps are to be taken (starting from step 3).
To integrate CB with JoomlaLMS please do the following:

  1. Download CB from www.joomlapolis.com and install it using CB documentation.
  2. Enter JoomlaLMS back-end and go to Components->JoomlaLMS->Configuration->CB Integration and select Yes for the ‘Is Community Builder installed?’ option so that the users could access CB after logging in to the site and wouldn’t need to log in once more.


  1. Download ‘com_jlms_profile.zip’ plugin from http://www.joomlalms.com/extensions.html.
  2. Enter Extensions->Extension manager, browse the plugin file on your local computer and click ‘Upload File and Install’.


  1. Enter Components->JLMS Community Profile and click the Install Plugins button.


  1. Set the permissions for different user roles for My Courses, My Files and My Certificates and change the parameters as necessary. cb5.png

Click Save to save the changes.

  1. Enter Components->Community Builder->Plugin Manager. Find the following plugins and publish them: My Announcements, My Certificates, My Courses, My Dropboxes, My Files and My Homeworks.


  1. Now user profiles in CB at the front-end will be extended with a set of JoomlaLMS plugins.


  1. When Community Profile is installed in the course Dropbox section it is possible to select files to share with other users not only from the local computer but from virtual repository as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our help documentation, please post them to our ticket system.